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Geisha Bowing PACK by themuseslibrary Geisha Bowing PACK by themuseslibrary
See my Terms of Use before using any of the images in this pack!

Model: AngelaSasser
Makeup: BazookaBaby
Photographers: BazookaBaby,Psycheen,StephanieReeves

:pointr: Download this HIGH RES pack of ALL 5 images for 5000 points! This saves you money, overall, instead of purchasing the single images in this set. This pack is a little pricier than my usual stock due to the amount of effort that went into the costuming, makeup, etc.

:pointr: By purchasing this pack for points, you are paying for unlimited Commercial use. If you are only using the image as drawing reference, but intend to sell that drawing or prints of that drawing, this is still Commercial use.

:pointr: The low res files (the ones you see in each deviation by default) may still be used for personal, non-profit projects for FREE!  DeviantART users may sell prints using the low res images within DeviantART's print shop only because DA users are special!:)

:pointr: All profits go towards keeping this account subscribed, purchasing equipment, costumes, etc. Support an independent artist today!

I am proud to present to you shots of authentic Geisha regalia provided by the knowledgeable BazookaBaby, who is responsible for the makeup, wig, kimono, and other accessories pictured here.

A Geisha inhabits another world, one of entrancing masks and demure beauty. For more information on Geisha, see my journal about the Geisha Experience.
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Submitted on
October 9, 2013
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